Having regular quiet time helps develop your awareness and inner peace. We design your own retreat with tailored private/ group classes, combining elements that fit just for you. If you are leading a group retreat such as a corporate retreat, these experiences can add a new dimension. Our dedicated and expert instructors are volunteers, all heart and love to humankind, helping the participants to recover peace and joy.

To facyy alinailitate the integration between body and spirit, the objective of the retreat, we have designed a daily program with a series of activities: 

  • 1 hour of harmonizing massage to help detoxify the body, relax the mind and prepare to receive the experiences of the day.
  • 1 hour of Yantra Yoga or Respira (in a group class) as fixed activity.
  • 2 more hours of other group activities (1 hour each) which, among others, will be the following: Vajra Dance, Khaita Joyful Dance, Meditation, Qi-gong&Tai chi. 

The retreat schedule is therapeutic and therefore it is most beneficial to be followed as it is. World-class wellbeing experts have designed our retreat with the objective of both unwinding and re-energizing, allowing free time amidst a pleasant guided program. In total, 4 hours of activities, half of it repeated daily to achieve the desired effect, and half of it alternates to increase the experience.

The mentioned activities are included in the price of the package, but only if followed as they are programmed. No rescheduling is allowed in the standard package. The program of activities may be extended, as far as possible, at the request of the guest and paying an extra fee. In this sense, if instructors are available, extra classes can be requested both in a group and individually without interfering with the course of the program. If you are interested in an extension of the program, please state it in the contact form.