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Dzamling Gar
Body Energy Mind Wellbeing retreat

Our 5 to 10 day retreat offers the priceless experience of coming into contact with techniques of yantra yoga, meditation, and dance based on ancient knowledge. These methods can help people go beyond the occasional practice on the days of stay in the Gar and generate a positive impact that lasts a lifetime.

We are happy to welcome solo guests, couples, small groups, and corporate retreat.

Stay with us

<span style="font-size: 14pt;">Dzamling Gar houses provide spacious and comfortable apartments.</span>

Residing on the Gar is an unique experience to participate in the various activities. We are conveniently located within close walking distance to the ocean and shops.

Do not forget to enjoy your peaceful moments in our colorful Gardens.

Food: Fresh and Light

Dzamling Gar Kitchen offers healthy and tasty diets designed by renown well-being experts. The menu preferences, as well as allergies, is essential to communicate it in the inquire form.

- Without restrictions.With meat or fish, vegetables, fruits and cereals.
- Pescatarian. No meat included, but it includes fish.
- Vegetarian. No meat and Fish, but it includes dairy and eggs.
- Vegan. Vegetarian menu without eggs or dairy.

Our Instructors